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School of Medicine Academic Departments

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Anatomy Department

Head of Department:

Prof Ndou R; PhD (WITS)


Anaesthesiology Department

Head of Department
Professor Kluyts, H; MMed (Anaes) (UP), DMed (UP)

Anatomical Pathology Department

Acting Head of Department
Lecturer/Specialist: Khaba M; M.D (Cuba), FC Path (SA), Anat (MMed) UKZN, Dip for Med (SA) Path

Cardiology Department

Chief Specialist
Professor: Mntla PS; MBChB (MEDUNSA), FCP (SA) FRCP (London)

Cardiothoracic Surgery Department

Adjunct Professor /Chief Specialist/HoD
Prof Chauke RF, MBCHB, MMed (Thoracic-Chir), Assoc FC (Cardio) SA, MBA (Gibs – UP) Learning Facilitator: Assessment College of South Africa

Chemical Pathology Department

Professor/Chief Specialist
Prof Tanyanyiwa DM; PhD Human Genetics (UCT) FC Path (ECSA) FCPath (SA), MMed Path (UCT) FMLSc, MBChB,

Clinical Psychology Department

Adjunct Prof/Chief Psychologist/HoD
Prof Baloyi LJ; MSc (Clin. Psych) MEDUNSA, PhD (UNISA)

Community Medicine Department

Head of Clinical Department
Dr Ledibane TD; MBBCh (WITS), MMed (Community Health) (UFS), FCPHM (SA), DPH (Hospital Management (WITS), AUDOH (UFS), MAS (Vaccinology) (UNIL)

Dermatology Department

Professor / Chief Specialist
Prof Motswaledi MH; MBChB (MEDUNSA), MMed (Derm), FC Derm (SA)

Diagnostic Radiography Department
Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Department

Adjunct Professor /Chief Specialist
Dr Kisansa ME; MBChB (MAKERERE), MMed (Rad Diag) (MEDUNSA)

Family Medicine & Primary Health Care Department

Professor/Chief Specialist/HoD
Prof Govender I; MBChB, M Fam Med (MEDUNSA), FCFP(SA), MBA,Mphil in HPE, DOH, Dip in HIV/AIDS

Forensic Pathology Department

Principal Specialist/Snr Lecturer
Dr Hlaise KK; MBChB, DTM&H, Cert. Med & Law, Dip.For Med, FC Forensic Path

General Surgery Department

Chief Specialist /HoD/Professor

Haematological Pathology Department

Adjunct Professor/Head of Department
Prof Moodley V; MBChB (UCT), MMed (Haem Path) (MEDUNSA) Cum Laude

Hand and Microsurgery Department

Adjunct Professor/Chief Specialist
Prof Golele SS, MMed (Orth) (MEDUNSA), FC (Orth) (SA)

Internal Medicine Department

Chief Specialist/Head Clinical Department
Dr Madala ND; MBChB, MMed (Natal), FCP (SA), MSc (Epidemiology) London, PhD (UKZN)

Intensive Care Department
Medical Physics Department
Microbiological Pathology Department

Head of Department
Prof Nchabeleng M; MMed (Microbiology), DHIV Man, Postgrad Dip IPC (Stellenbosch)

Neurology Department

Professor/Chief Specialist
Prof Magazi DS; MBBch, MMed (Neuro), FCP (Neuro) SA, Ph.D(SMU)

Neurosurgery Department

HoD/Chief Specialist
Dr Lekgwara PL; MBChB, FC Neurosurg(SA), Certificate in Practical Labour Law (NMMU)

Nuclear Medicine Department

HoD/Chief Specialist
Dr Nyakale NE; MBChB, FCNP (SA), MMed (Nucl Med)

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department

HoD/Professor/Chief Clinical Specialist

Occupational Medicine Department
Ophthalmology Department

HoD/Adjunct Professor/Chief Specialist
Dr Olivier JF; MRC Ophth (UK), MMed (Ophth) MEDUNSA

Orthopaedics Department

Professor / Chief Specialist
Mariba MT, MMed (Orth) (MEDUNSA), FC (Orth) (SA)

Otorhinolaryngology Department

Chief Specialist/HoD
Dr Masela R, MBChB (MEDUNSA), MMed (ORL) UL

Paediatric Surgery Department

Chief Specialist/HoD
Dr Tshifularo N, MBChB, FCS(SA),FC Paed Surg (SA)

Paediatrics & Child Health Department

Adjunct Professor/Chief Specialist
Prof Mawela MP; MBChB, FCPaed (SA), MMed (Paed)

Pharmacology & Therapeutics Department

HoD/Professor/Chief Clinical Pharmacologist
Prof Osuch E, MD, Specialist Clinical Pharmacologist, PhD (Pharmacology, UL), ACCP (SA), FCP (ACCP), MSc (Med) Pharmacology (MEDUNSA), Dip. Fam Med (Cum Laude, UP)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department

Professor / Head: Clinical Dept.
Dr Segwapa K; MBChB, MMed (MEDUNSA)

Physiology Department

Associate Professor/HoD
Prof Majane OH, MSc (MEDUNSA), PhD (WITS)

Practice of Medicine Integrated Programme Department

Programme Co-ordinator
Botha GC, MA (Psychology) (UFS), MPhil HSE (SU)

Psychiatry Department

Head of Department/Chief Specialist
Dr Mazibuko PS, MBChB (MEDUNSA) , MMed Psych (UL), FC Psych (SA), Cert Forensic Psych (SA)

Psychology Department
Urology Department

Adjunct Professor/Chief Specialist
Prof Mutambirwa SBA; MBChB (Zim), MMed (Urol) (MEDUNSA), FCS (Urol) SA

Virological Pathology Department

Associate Professor/HoD
Prof Selabe SG; B Med.Sci (UNIN), MSc (MEDUNSA), PhD (UL)

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