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Medicine Research News

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Research undertaking by the Department


Obstetric Anaesthesia

Anatomy and Histology


Presented on Research Day 2011 (Catace) Clinical versus Echo features of cardiac tamponade by Dr Ntuli.

Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

  • Presentation at the SATS/SASSM 2016 Congress in Fourways, Johannesburg

  • Presentation at the AACTVS 2016 Congress in Maputo, Mozambique

Clinical Psychology


  •  In 2016 for the first time in the history of the department of Clinical Psychology, 95% of our students got approval from SREC and SMUREC in the same academic year. These students are currently busy with their data collection and writing up their dissertations.

  • As a result of the above, one student has graduated on record time (within 2 years) and two others have already completed their dissertations and awaiting results. This is remarkable.

Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging

  • 7 research projects completed in 2016

Family Medicine & Primary Health Care

Publication of 14 articles in peer reviewed, accredited journals (local and international) 

Attendance of departmental staff at the National Family Practitioners conference

General Surgery

Research Workshop – Prof Colleen Aldous

The Department of Surgery invited Prof Colleen Aldous on 2 occasions to run a research workshop on protocol preparation and paper writing. Prof Aldous is an associate professor and academic Leader: Research in the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is involved in the mentorship of research at postgraduate level across several medical disciplines, eg surgery, dermatology, paediatrics, opthalmology, general medicine and psychology.

As a result of her workshops, publications from the department of Surgery has progressed significantly.   Apart from the articles and case reports published in 2016, two papers (Dr F Mosai & Dr M Vally) were submitted for publication and two more manuscripts (Dr T Sumbana & Dr SN Phaleng) are being prepared for submission. We will continue to hold these workshops in 2017.

Prof MZ Koto received a Research Development Grant for his PhD Studies

Hand & Microsurgery

The Department has grown from strength to strength as it continues to train more fellows in Basic Microsurgical Course which enhance the skills of the fellows in different field of their speciality. The training of the registrars in Orthopaedic has increased and the number of Registrars that are involved with Post Graduate Research also increasing. We are also involved in outreach programme in the three different Hospitals which has reduced a lot of load in our Hospital.

Due to the Outreach programme we managed to receive support from Ottobock who will provide prosthesis and funding of our outreach

Internal Medicine

Research activities have improved and this was reflected in 2016 by four Registrars of the Department who presented at the Annual Research/Academic Days of SMU in 2016.

There was noticeable and significant improvement in Registrars formulating research topics and choosing Research Supervisors early in the postgraduate programme.

2016 was characterised as a year with improved attendance of Registrars at the SMU-organised REME course and a number of Supervisors attended the SMU-organised “Supervisors’ Workshop”.

A Departmental Manuscript Committee was established last year to improve research publication output.


Doctoral thesis – on going study (HOD)


The Department of Ophthalmology has retained its reputation for innovative thinking and pioneering procedures refined and pioneered here. Glaucoma remains one of the leading causes of permanent blindness in the population served by this institute. We are maintaining our efforts to provide a permanent surgical solution that is complication free. When it comes to preventable blindness we continue to do high volume cataract surgery. The department also participated in the World Sight Day and had a cataract surgery week where extra surgery was performed.

  • Prevention of Glaucoma blindness

  •  Screening program of premature infants

towards prevention of retinopathy of prematurity.


MMed Dissertation and Article by Dr TKhumalo: Awareness and monitoring of endotracheal and tracheostomy tube pressures in a multidisciplinary intensive care unit.: Sent in to SA Journal of Critical Care 2016

Paediatric Surgery

  • Minimal invasive technique in paediatric surgery involving neonatal surgery

  • Anorectal malformation

  • Comparison of different surgical procedures to improve outcome:

Hospital stay, cost, function

  • Colostomy types in relation to complications in children

  • Hirschprung disease:

  • prevalence of different types

  • new surgical techniques involving minimally invasive procedures

  • Gastrochisis – factors affecting outcome

  • How to improve cooperation with referral hospitals


  • All the members of our Academic and Registrars/MO staff participated in over 40 presentations at the Congress’ meetings and with public broadcasters both national and internationally.

  • On our academic staff, we have 2 College Senators, 2 accredited examiners and all are on the advisory boards of 90 different foundations and pharmaceutical industry.

  • On our academic staff, we have 2 College Senators, 2 accredited examiners and all are on the advisory boards of 90 different foundations and pharmaceutical industry.