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SMU 2018 Health Workers Update (Refresher Course)

Media Alert 6 September 2018 For Immediate Release Re: SMU 2018 Health Workers Update (Refresher Course) Members of the media are kindly invited to SMU 2018 health workers update (Refresher Course), which will be held from Friday, 7 September to Sunday 9 September...

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SMU Research Days – 21 to 23 August 2018

Media Alert 21 August 2018 For Immediate Release The members of the media are hereby informed about the SMU’s Research days programme which commences on Tuesday 21 to 23 August 2018, at 8h15, in Clin Path Building (CP) Lecture Hall 3L001. The research event is a...

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Bursary Opportunity
Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Bursary Awards For 2019

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Apply for admission to study @SMU for 2019 Academic Year
Undergraduate Applications: 2019

Closing Dates:

29 June 2018: MBChB, BDS, B Dent Ther, BSc (Physio), BRad (Diagn), B Pharm
27 July 2018: BSc (Diet), B Speech Path Lang & Audio. B Occ Ther, BSc, B Cur, BNSc,
B Oral Hygiene

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SMU Newsletter: 6th Edition 2018

Ever conscious of their responsibility towards the less fortunate members of the community around them, the staff and students of SMU elected to spend their 67 minutes living the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

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