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SMU Congratulates Prof Peter Mbati on his 2nd Year Anniversary as Vice-Chancellor

Exceptional leadership and accelerated delivery – features of Mbati’s two-year tenure as Vice-Chancellor of SMU

This week marks the second year since Prof Peter Mbati took the reins at SMU as Vice-Chancellor. A cursory look at the past two years offers a picture of hope for this institution. Armed with a 5-year strategic plan, the Vice-Chancellor has been hands on to ensure that this fledgling University deals with its challenges and progresses to realize its full potential in the higher education space.

Under Prof Mbati’s leadership, SMU has ramped up the delivery of new infrastructure projects on campus and the revitalization of aging ones including the premium 2,000 bed student accommodation facility, the 800 bed student accommodation project, the bulk water project, campus perimeter wall, installation of high mast lights, CCTV cameras and a drone to complement the campus security efforts, renewal of various sporting facilities, staff and students cafeteria, building of pharmacy labs, maximization of library space and modernization of the facility, forklift upgrade of the campus ICT infrastructure, upgrades and maintenance of student residences, and tarring of the campus ring road, among many other planned and ongoing projects.
Some of the projects have been completed while others are at an advanced stage of accomplishment.

Most notably, the centrality of the academic enterprise is firmly on the Agenda of Management and key strategies are being introduced and implemented to ensure the University realizes its key strategic objectives in relation to the core business.

The Vice-Chancellor is also on a crusade to build and maintain relations with key stakeholders internally and externally to ensure they play a meaningful role in building a successful SMU. Moreover, the University has also recently filled in key positions including that of the Chief Operations Officer and several Directors to set the institution on a new trajectory of success.

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