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SMU’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr Eminos Manyawi, appointed as Member of Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of Universities South Africa (USAf)

The Board of Universities South Africa (USAf), at its meeting on 14 June 2022, approved the appointment of Mr Eminos Manyawi as a member to serve on its Finance and Investment Committee, with immediate effect.

The Committee is accountable to the Board and shall assist the Board in overseeing financial matters relating to Universities South Africa (USAf). These include overseeing USAf’s financial strategy and policies, the functioning of internal controls at the operational levels and to ensure compliance with investment policies and mandate. Furthermore, the Finance and Investment Committee is primarily focused on providing oversight with regard to operational financial matters.

In response to his appointment, Mr Manyawi said, “I am both honoured and excited by this appointment. It gives me the opportunity to serve the South African Higher Education sector once again. I thank all at SMU who nominated me and many thanks to Professor Mbati, the SMU Vice-Chancellor who recommended me to the USAf’s board. I shall not disappoint. Special thanks to my colleagues and Finance staff who have supported me thus far. It is due to this support that our efforts are recognised by key stakeholders in the Sector”.

SMU salutes you Mr CFO, and is proud of your recognition!

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