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SMU SRC receives 1.3 million from the Motsepe Foundation

SMU SRC receives 1.3 million from the Motsepe Foundation

The Motsepe Foundation invited 26 SRC members of public universities in SA to one of their initiatives called, Universities in Dialogue on 16 February 2023. The purpose of the session was to engage SRCs on how they can work together to find solutions to student challenges.

The conversation centred around four key questions which formed the basis of the engagements. These questions were:

  • What are the challenges facing the students?
  • What are the challenges faced by SRCs?
  • How could private partnerships better support the Higher Education sector?
  • How do you see the various stakeholders collaborating for the betterment of the higher education sector?

Some of the challenges raised by the students in attendance included:

  • Lack of funding for Postgraduate students
  • Student accommodation
  • Food security
  • Youth unemployment
  • Student allowances not realistic to the material conditions.
  • Lack of support for disabled students, and;
  • Lack of sanitary towels.

The following are some of the proposed solutions:

  • Centralisation of funding from various funders.
  • Policy development to regulate funding opportunities.
  • The creation of a feeding scheme in higher education for students so that the allowances can be directed to some of the urgent students’ needs.

SMU Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Tulani Nkuntse indicated that this was such an important day for student leaders as the Foundation donated 30 million Rands as a contribution to helping SRCs to fight challenges faced by students.

In her speech, Dr Motsepe urged the student leaders present, to take the money and approach other possible donors to challenge them to either match or exceed what the Foundation had donated.

“For SMU, this means so much as we have serious problems with outstanding student debt that prohibits them to continue their studies. We have a cohort of our students that go hungry on a daily basis because they have no means to support themselves; there are realities of the ECP students who are no longer funded by NSFAS and the list goes on, said Nkuntse”.

Nkuntse further indicated that the generous and kind contribution by the Motsepe Foundation will be channelled towards assisting SMU students in the best way possible. “We would like to call upon other people to join hands with us and assist us to support our students through these kinds of donations. Our SRC has constantly reiterated their commitment to raising funds to assist needy students and we fully support them as such contribution will assist with the ongoing efforts by the university to raise funds and support its student population”, he concluded.

The gratitude expressed by students for these donations was heart-warming and illustrated a deep commitment and passion young people have towards provision of solutions to the problems in the higher education sector.

SMU is grateful to the Motsepe Foundation and look forward to many more donors coming on board to help us fight challenges faced by the students.

SMU SRC receives 1.3 million from the Motsepe Foundation

Registration extended to Monday, 20 February 2023

1. At its meeting held on 8 February 2023, the Executive Committee of Senate (ECS) discussed, amongst other matters on its agenda, the 2023 registration statistical report per qualification and School. The ECS resolved to extend the deadline for registration of students and prospective students to Monday, 20 February 2023. This should allow all the outstanding First Time Entering Students (FTEN) and continuing students to finalise their 2023 registration activities. It should be emphasised that this is the final registration date for 2023 academic year, and no further extension shall be granted by the University.

2. It should further be emphasised that continuing students, particularly in the School of Science and Technology and School of Oral Health Sciences who have just finalised their 2022 assessments should take advantage of the extension deadline to register for the 2023 academic year. Similarly, students who are still waiting for the finalisation of either their academic exclusion and financial exclusion appeal cases, will be allowed to register as and when their cases are resolved in the affirmative by the relevant Committees of the University.

3. Accordingly, Heads of Academic Departments and Supervisors of postgraduate students are requested to urge all their new and continuing students to register by Monday, 20 February 2023.

NB: The ECS has resolved to extend the deadline for registration of both prospective students and students to Monday, 20 February 2023, and no further extension shall be granted by the University beyond this.


Eastern Cape top performer Alizwa Boco chooses to study Medicine at SMU

Eastern Cape top performer Alizwa Boco chooses to study Medicine at SMU

Alizwa Boco who hails from Sakhela in Umtata (Eastern Cape) was formally welcomed to SMU today, 24 January 2023 by the management of the University led by the Registrar Dr Jeffrey Mabelebele and the Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine Prof Risenga Chauke and other officials. She achieved 7 distinctions obtaining 97% in Physical Sciences and 88% in Mathematics, thus making her the overall top achiever in the OR
Tambo district of the Eastern Cape.

The top achiever from Holy Cross Senior Secondary School in South Ridge, explained that Matric was very tough for her and appreciated the support she received from her parents which made it easier for her to succeed. “I also got a lot of help from my teachers and would study for more than 10 hours in a day. I only slept for 2 to 3 hours and the rest of the time was used for studies, something I started at grade 11”, she said.

Regarding her decision to study medicine at SMU, Alizwa mentioned that it was while taking a walk in her town with a friend when she came across a medical practice with a Dr’s name on it and upon closer examination, she saw the name of the University and decided to go to search engines to find out more about SMU and later took a decision to apply to study. Her passion for medicine has always
been there as a child, however while in grade 8 and 9, her teachers convinced her to do actuarial sciences and this became a source of confusion. Nonetheless, it was after the advent of Covid-19 when she took a firm decision to become a doctor. “I was even prepared to go serve during Covid-19 while many were scared of the virus. If the department of health had called for volunteers in hospitals, I would have been amongst the first to go serve”, she said.

Download full article here:

Newsflash - Eastern Cape top performer Alizwa Boco chooses to study Medicine at SMU

Notice to First Time Entering Applicants for the 2023 Academic Year

Notice – Selections and Admissions: First Time Entering Applicants for the 2023 Academic Year

We would like to start off by thanking you for choosing to study at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). As a way of keeping you informed about the timelines for the final selection and admission decisions for the 2023 academic year, kindly note the following:

a. Pre-selections were done by the School Selection and Admission Committees in September and October 2022.
b. The outcomes of pre-selections were communicated to pre-selected applicants.
c. Final selections will be made after the release of Grade 12 (NSC) results in January 2023.
d. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications through an email, phone or sms as and when decisions are made by the School Selection and Admission Committees.
e. Applicants should always check the status of their applications on the SMU website ( using your allocated student number and pin
f. Successful applicants are expected to accept/decline their offers within three (3) days upon receipt of such an offer. Failure to accept an offer within three (3) days will result in the offer being given to another applicant because there are limited places available for all our academic programmes.
g. Successful applicants will be given more information about registration and fees after they have accepted their study offers. Such information will also be made available on the University website.

h. Successful applicants will, after being registered, be required to attend orientation programme where they will be informed of the University, its structures and important services available to students and other related matters. The details will be communicated to successful applicants by the Department of Marketing and Communication.


• Every student who has been granted space or accepted to study at the University for the first time as a first year entering or a continuing student will be expected to pay a registration fee of R4500 before registration.
• Students who have received bursaries as evidenced by confirmation letters from either NSFAS or Public Sector sponsors or listed verified sponsors are ordinarily not expected to pay registration fees, hence unblocked automatically;
• Students who applied for any bursary still awaiting the outcome are expected to pay full registration fees.
• Any other special case, as determined by officials should be directed to Student Appeals Committee, the CFO or delegate.


• The University receives more applications than the number of available spaces.
• Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the University programmes.
• There are limited places available in University residences and admission to study at SMU does not guarantee a place in either a University-owned or leased residence. The places are awarded on a first come, first served basis and the University is not obliged to provide a place in the residence.
• Late applications and/or walk-ins will NOT be allowed as the University has already received large volumes of applications for each of the programmes on offer.
• The selection of transfer applicants (within SMU and from other Universities) will take place in January and February 2023, after the release of SMU supplementary results for the 2022 academic year.
• Except by invitation from the University, applicants should not come to the campus. Enquiries related to selection, admission or registration should be emailed to: Applicants should write their names in full and use their student number in their correspondence with the University.

• Telephonic enquiries related to selection/admission/registration should be directed to the following numbers: 012 521 4204/ 5060/5062/4644/5057
Issued by: Office of the Registrar
09 January 2023

First Time Entering Applicants for the 2023 Academic Year Notice 2023

Prof Zach Koto is the new President of Association of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA)

Prof Zach Koto is the new President of Association of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA)

Prof Zach Koto, Head of Surgery at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, was recently elected as the President of the Association of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA). He wants to see ASSA grow to a point where it also mentors young surgeons apart from looking at the affairs of surgeons in the country. Under his capable leadership, he hopes to see the association address many pressing challenges that include amongst others training, inadequate funding for training posts in public hospitals, equipment issues and the disease burden that threaten to overrun surgical programmes across various training platforms. Prof Koto is an ordinary individual who likes to work hard, challenge himself continuously to be a better version of himself. Focus on SMU reporter caught up with him to get insight into his role as the president of the association.

His thoughts on taking up the role of President. “I have previously served in the executive committee as a representative from academic centres as head of the department, I served in various capacities for many years in the association and I think for colleagues to have confidence in me and elect me as president is indeed an honour and privilege. It is an association that organises surgeons across the width and breath of South Africa and does many things in terms of surgical care and training. I am looking forward to working with a very able executive committee under the chairmanship of Prof Paul Goldberg, Secretary Dr Claire Warden, and treasurer, Dr Mbulelo Khenene. I’m looking forward to working and serving as the president of the association,” said Prof Koto.

Prof Zach Koto is the new President of Association on of Surgeons of South Africa (ASSA)

Engagement with DALRRD and ARC on the re-introduction of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Health at SMU

Engagement with DALRRD and ARC on the re-introduction of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Health at SMU

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbati hosted a delegation from the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) on the 14 October 2022 at SMU. This meeting comes against the backdrop of an initial meeting that the VC held with the Minister of DALRRD, the Honorable Thoko Didiza and her Department to explore the possibility of the reintroduction of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Health at SMU, necessitated by the realization that there is an increased need for veterinary training in the country.

As a way of introduction, the Chief Director for Sector Capacity Development, Ms. Lebogang Botsheleng, who led the Departmental delegation, made a brief contextual presentation with regard to the increased need for veterinary training in the country. She indicated that Cabinet has taken a decision regarding the introduction of veterinary Sciences and Animal Health to be hosted by at least two additional universities; and that SMU was encouraged to submit a proposal for consideration by the Department. The ARC was represented by its CEO, Dr. Litha Magingxa and its Group Executive Animal Sciences, Dr. Andrew Magadlela.

In response, the VC indicated that SMU has a new business model, which amongst others, seeks to ensure that the university diversifies its PQM and increases its student enrolment to ensure that it becomes financially sustainable. In this context, it is anticipated that the reintroduction of a range of veterinary studies will make a significant contribution towards this strategic objective.

The VC further indicated that the university has commissioned a feasibility study with regard to the reintroduction of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Health, which will be completed by the end of November 2022. He stated that this study will inform proposals on a responsive curriculum and the required capacity (human, physical and technical), which will be done in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders.

The meeting also acknowledged that, internationally, South African graduates are in high demand; which is an indication of the quality of veterinary training that South Africa provides; a strength which needs to be harnessed.

In conclusion, the parties made a commitment for further consultative meetings to consider the outcomes of the SMU commissioned feasibility study and to chart a way forward.

VCs Desk - Engagement with DALRRD and ARC on the re-introduction of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Health at SMU