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2021 Registration Arrangements Notice at SMU

1. INTRODUCTION Preparations for the 2021 registration of returning and first time entering students have been concluded. Preparations were undertaken by a multi-disciplinary Task Team that was coordinated by Office of the Registrar. The Task Team is made up of representatives from the five Schools, ICT, IPD, Finance Department (including Financial Aid Office), Residences, Institutional […]

SMU FM Covid-19 Health Talk

97.1 SMU Covid-19 Health Talk features experts and guests from the SMU Community including consumers about a range of health related topics. SMU Staff & Students will share current updates on COVID-19 via this radio programme, while advocating for prevention and protection measures. Join Siphelele Lunga & Guests from the Physiotherapy department as they discuss […]

Nominations for the HSRC Medal for the Social Sciences and Humanities

The Human Sciences Research Council, in partnership with Universities South Africa (USAF), invites nominees for the HSRC Medal for the Social Sciences and Humanities. The Medal is awarded on an annual basis to scholars who have made outstanding contributions through their research in the social sciences and humanities. The 2020/21 Awards will recognise the role […]

SMU Covid-19 Social Compact Agreement

Dear SMU Community, We have witnessed unprecedented increases in both the daily COVID 19 infections and deaths in South Africa since the end of the festive season, in what is described as the second wave. In the Communique from DHET dated 31 December 2020, it was recommended that a social compact be signed between the […]

False NSFAS University Private Accommodation Policy in circulation

Circular Notice No.1 of 2021 refers to the attached falsified draft policy brought to the attention of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) on Sunday, January 24, 2021, by university student representative counsels. The attached falsified document on the NSFAS letterhead purports to articulate the scope and principles of the private accommodation policy. It […]