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Eastern Cape top performer Alizwa Boco chooses to study Medicine at SMU

Alizwa Boco who hails from Sakhela in Umtata (Eastern Cape) was formally welcomed to SMU today, 24 January 2023 by the management of the University led by the Registrar Dr Jeffrey Mabelebele and the Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine Prof Risenga Chauke and other officials. She achieved 7 distinctions obtaining 97% in Physical Sciences and 88% in Mathematics, thus making her the overall top achiever in the OR
Tambo district of the Eastern Cape.

The top achiever from Holy Cross Senior Secondary School in South Ridge, explained that Matric was very tough for her and appreciated the support she received from her parents which made it easier for her to succeed. “I also got a lot of help from my teachers and would study for more than 10 hours in a day. I only slept for 2 to 3 hours and the rest of the time was used for studies, something I started at grade 11”, she said.

Regarding her decision to study medicine at SMU, Alizwa mentioned that it was while taking a walk in her town with a friend when she came across a medical practice with a Dr’s name on it and upon closer examination, she saw the name of the University and decided to go to search engines to find out more about SMU and later took a decision to apply to study. Her passion for medicine has always
been there as a child, however while in grade 8 and 9, her teachers convinced her to do actuarial sciences and this became a source of confusion. Nonetheless, it was after the advent of Covid-19 when she took a firm decision to become a doctor. “I was even prepared to go serve during Covid-19 while many were scared of the virus. If the department of health had called for volunteers in hospitals, I would have been amongst the first to go serve”, she said.

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Newsflash - Eastern Cape top performer Alizwa Boco chooses to study Medicine at SMU

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