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Maxillofacial Pathology

The Department consists of four distinct sections: Oral Biology, Oral Pathology, Oral Microbiology and Forensic Odontology.

The laboratory of Oral Pathology is the referral center for the diagnosis of diseases of the head and neck region affecting the rural- and peri-urban communities of South Africa. The laboratory is equipped to perform state-of-the-art histological examinations including immuno-histochemistry, immuno-fluorescence and in-situ hybridization. Experience gained in bone labelling and dynamic histomorphometry resulted in Oral Pathology becoming the center of choice in South Africa for the diagnosis of metabolic diseases affecting mineralized tissues.

Research programs focus on diseases affecting the rural communities of Southern Africa and particularly the debilitating skeletal conditions of the children in the region.

Oral Microbiology is responsible for integrating medical microbiology with the microbiology of the oral cavity. The teaching program for undergraduate students provides knowledge on the diagnosis and management of infectious disease before commencement of clinical training. Of particular importance is the teaching of the fundamentals of microbiological induced tooth- and periodontal diseases. Post graduate programs are individually tailored and focus on the needs of the respective disciplines in Dentistry. The Oral Microbiologists play a pivotal role in clinical infection control in the hospital. Research towards post graduate qualifications focuses on aspects of infection control in the setting of a Dental hospital.

Forensic Odontology provides a forensic service to the police and district surgeons practicing in the northern sector of South Africa. This service entails the analyses of bite marks, person identification and investigation into cases of dental malpractice and fraud.

Department Contact Details

Mrs Begeman C

Room Number N111
Tel: (012) 521 4838

Oral Pathology Department
School of Oral Health Sciences
Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
Box D25

Dr L M Masilo


Field of Expertise: Diagnostic Histopathology of Ondontogenic and Salivary Gland Diseases
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Dr S R Mthethwa

Senior Lecture

Field of Expertise: Infection Control
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Dr H D Miniggio

Senior Lecture

Field of Expertise: Healthcare Ethics, Research Ethics, Curriculum development in ethics for oral health, Ethics for laboratory medicine, Tooth development, Bone Biology
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Dr Masha


Field of Expertise: Blackboard certified practitioner, LMS e-teacher, Embryology, Oral Mucosa, General principles of Pathology and focused systemic pathology, Oral Pathology.
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