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Physiotherapy is a health sciences profession that assess, treat and prevent human movement disorders, restoring normal function or minimising dysfunction and pain in adults and children with physical impairment, to enable them to achieve the highest possible level of independence in their lives; preventing recurring injuries and disability in the workplace, at home, or during recreational activities and promoting community health for all age groups using exercises and other physical modalities.

The scope of practice involves interaction with other health professionals, families, care givers and communities. Physiotherapy also involves health education extending from the patient and care-givers to groups, such as health care workers in the community, industrial workers, school learners and teachers.


To be a leader in holistic evidence based physiotherapy education and research that will enable students to render quality health services locally and internationally to individuals, families, communities and population.


  • Educating students to provide high quality professional Physiotherapy health care to individuals, families, communities and population.
  • Develop and implement evidence based health care practice that will empower students to perform quality research in Physiotherapy.
  • Develop a culture that will foster lifelong learning and scholarship.
  • Collaborate and communicate in holistic inter-professional education, research and clinical practice that will benefit the community and contribute to body of knowledge the health professions.
  • Produce a cadre of physiotherapists with transformative leadership capacity to analyse, identify and address the health needs of the individual, family, community and population.
  • Create an environment that supports /fosters innovation and harnesses the power of new technologies to address the educational and health needs of the community.