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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy (OT) is a profession that helps people to function independently in whatever they do. Helping people of all age groups to perform ordinary, everyday activities is very important when people are ill, injured or live with a disability. OT helps them to regain skills or to develop new ones so that they can live a meaningful life again. In OT the whole person is important. This means that physical, social and mental factors are taken into consideration.

Training of Occupational Therapy

Training of Occupational Therapy students at MEDUNSA started in 1976 as a three (3) year diploma course. This course was converted to a four (4) year degree course in 1981. The B. Occ. Ther Degree course is a fulltime four (4) year course.


The goal of the Department is to train Occupational Therapy students that will be competent to deliver a service which is in line with the Comprehensive Primary Health Care Approach.During training students are exposed to different communities, provinces and a diversity of clients

Students are at the end of training equipped to:

  • function in any situation, at all three levels of health care (community, district hospital and tertiary institutions)
  • assist the masses and not only individuals
  • identify and circumscribe specific areas in which an effective contribution can be made
  • initiate and setup structures and systems to implement, manage and sustain programmes
  • meet the requirements of both present and future through the ongoing development of professional competency

Be aware of government policies and relevant legislation to guide practise.