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Pharmaceutical Sciences Department Staff Members

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Department Contact Details

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Tel: 012 521 4212

Mr Poka, MS

Lecturer (Acting HoD)

Qualification(s): BPharm (Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University), MTech (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (TUT)

Field of Expertise: Pharmaceutics

Email address:

Dr Bassey, EK

Senior Lecturer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Qualification(s): BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Calabar Nigeria), MTech (Chemistry) (TUT), Dtech (TUT)

Field of Expertise: Medicinal plant extraction, analysis and quality control

Email address:

Dr Noundou, XS

Senior Lecturer (Organic Chemistry)

Qualification(s): BSc Chem (Cameroon); MSc Chem (Cameroon); PhD (UJ)

Field of Expertise: Medicinal Organic and Nanomaterials Chemistry

Email address:

Dr Milne, M

Senior Lecturer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Pharmaceutics)

Qualification(s): BPharm (NMMU), MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (NMMU), PhD-Pharmaceutics (NWU)

Field of Expertise: Solid-state chemistry, Formulation, Production Industry (Process flow, startup, validation, project managing), Method transfer, Technology transfer, Synthesis of Cyclic dipeptides

Email address:

Dr Makoni, PA


Qualifications: Ph.D (Pharmaceutics), MSc (Pharmacy), PGDip (Enterprise Management), BPharm (Rhodes University)

Field of interest: Formulation, development, and delivery of poorly soluble drugs using lipid nanocarriers (SLN and NLC).

Email address:

Ms Mamabolo, MP (nGAP)

nGAP Lecturer (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Qualification(s): BSc (molecular & life sciences) (SMU), BSc Hons Chemistry (SMU) BTech (Pharmaceutical sciences) (TUT), MPharm (SMU)

Field of Expertise: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Email address:

Dr Witika, BA

Senior Lecturer (Pharmaceutics)

Qualification(s): BPharm (UNZA), MSc. Pharm (RU), PMPP (Stellies), PhD (RU)

Field of Expertise: Pharmaceutics with specific emphasis on novel drug delivery systems and supramolecular chemistry

Email address:

Ms Masupye, EM

Lecturer (Pharmaceutics)

Qualification(s): NDip (Analytical Chemistry)(TUT), BTech (Pharmaceutical Sciences)(TUT), MMedSc (Pharmaceutics)(UKZN)

Field of Expertise: Quality Standards for Medicines, including for extemporaneous compounding

Email address:

Prof Summers, B (Part-time)

Professor (part-time) (Radiopharmacy)

Qualification(s): BPharm (Nottingham), MSc (Med) (Medunsa), PhD (MEDUNSA)

Field of Expertise: Sunscreens, Cosmetic safety and efficacy tests

Email address:

Ms Mwazembeni J

Lecturer (Radiopharmacy)

Qualification(s): BPharm (UL, Medunsa), MPharm (SMU)

Field of Expertise: Radiopharmacy
Email address:


Dr Kahts, M

Lecturer (Radiopharmacy)

Qualification(s): BPharm (NWU); MSc (Med) Pharmacy (MEDUNSA)

Field of Expertise: Radiopharmacy

Email address:

Ms SL Mosima (nGAP)

nGAP Lecturer (Radiopharmacy)

Qualification(s): BRad (UL, Medunsa), BPharm (UL, Medunsa), MPharm (SMU)

Field of Expertise: Radiopharmacy

Email address:

Ms Abraham, V

Lecturer (Pharmacology)

Qualification(s): BSc (Biological Sciences) (Wits), BSc (Hons)-Pharmacology (NWU) MPharm (SMU)

Field of Expertise: Public health and health promotion: adolescent health and mental health

Email address:

Part-time lecturers

Dr Mokhele, MSL

Field of Expertise: Medicinal plants in Diabetes Tablets formulation
Email address:

Ms Sikhakhane M.N

Laboratory Technician

Qualification(s): ND Biotechnology (VUT), BTech Biotechnology (VUT)

Mr Moremi M.P

Laboratory Technician

Qualification(s): ND Analytical Chemistry (TNT), BTech (Chemistry) (TUT), MTech (Pharmaceutical Sciences)(TUT)


Ms Mahlangu, J - Secretary