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Photobiology Laboratory

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About Photobiology Laboratory

The Photobiology Laboratory was started as a test laboratory for sunscreens, hence the name. It has expanded its services to conduct safety and efficacy tests on wide a range of topically-applied products over the last 30 years. Tests are conducted only on healthy human volunteers or those with minor target conditions. All studies are conducted under protocols which are approved by the University Research Ethics Committees. All Laboratory staff are certified in the conduct of clinical studies according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

The Mission of the Photobiology Laboratory is that we are committed to provide a prompt, accurate and scientific service, based on confidentiality, integrity and honesty. Through our service we improve the safety and efficacy of consumer products for the end-user. Photobiology Laboratory studies are conducted under the guidance of Professor Beverley Summers BPharm, MSc (Med), PhD, a pharmacist and researcher with many years’ experience. There are six full-time laboratory staff members, all of whom are well-trained and experienced in clinical study roll-out.

Contact Details

Prof Beverley Summers

Ms Lebogang Kgatuke

Ms Marlize Lategan

Ms Lee-ann Raaff

Co-Ordination of the Studies and Contact Details

Sun protection factor, pigmentation and hair studies:
Marlize Goosen Dip Cos Sci.

Irritancy Patch Tests:
Lebogang Kgatuke

Hydration and other studies:
Lee-Ann Raaff. Dip Cos Sci