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Approved Protocols


MREC/H/47/2014: CR:
The induction and evaluation of skin dryness and moisturisation
MREC/H/11/2014: IR:
Skin condition in Himba women of Northern Namibia who routinely apply dermal ochre
MREC/H/77/2013: IR:
Stratum corneum barrier function in pigmented and non-pigmented skins
MREC/160/2014: CR:
Approaches to hair straightening and evaluation of hair breakage after relaxer treatment
MREC/H/159/2014: CR:
The effect of topical applications (with and without UV Light) on skin pigmentation
MREC/H/158/2014: CR:
The determination of sun protection factors for sunscreen preparations
MREC/H/48/2014: CR:
The determination of irritancy potential of topically-applied products
SMUREC/H/190/2016: CR:
Pseudo-folliculitus barbea: Occurrence and treatment in South African Males
SMUREC/H/191/2016: CR:
The effects of topical applications on the appearance and perception of cutaneous scars (Striae)
SMUREC/H/314/2016: CR:
The effect of topical application of Petroleum Jelly on Infants
SMUREC/H/79/2016: CR:
Ophthalmic irritancy potential of a “Non-sting” topical product – Revision of protocol MR087/99
Protocol pending
Evaluation of Anti-Acne topical preparations on skin
Protocol pending
Protocol pending