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Biochemistry and Biotechnology Academic Programmes

Undergraduate courses

Disciplines of Biochemistry and Biotechnology are offered from second year as a major course towards three-year Bachelors of Science (Life Sciences) and Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) degrees. Students are required to take Biology, Physical Science and Chemistry as part of their first year courses. Formal contact and online lectures and laboratory practical are offered weekly towards qualifying for summative examination.

More information on the courses offered is obtained below:


Biochemistry modules

Second year level

MBIA021        : Essential Biomolecules, Structures and Functions
MBIA022        : Bioenergetics and Intermediary Metabolism

Third year level

MBIA031        : Proteins, Enzymes and Biochemical Techniques
MBIA032        : Gene Structure, Functions and Molecular Biology

Biotechnology modules

Second year level

BTEC201        : Cellular Biology
BTEC202        : Introduction to Biotechnology
BTEC203        : Introduction to Microbiology
BTEC204        : Immunology, Mechanisms and Applications in Biotechnology

Third year level

BTEC301        : Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
BTEC302        : Plant and Microbial Biotechnology
BTEC303        : Biosensors and Biochips
BTEC304        : Biotechnology and Health Care

Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate studies are offered at Honours, MSc and PhD and Postdoctoral levels.

Honours degree (Qualification: HSCP01)

An honours is a one year degree offered in two semesters. Students obtaining 60% and above in biochemistry third year are encouraged to apply. It is offered as course work and as a research mini-dissertation. Students choose projects based on their research interest in consultation with the respective staff member for supervision and research projects account for 60% towards summative assessment. List of modules offered at honours level in this department are:

MBIA081        : Research Methodology
MBIB081        : Medical Biochemistry
MBIA082        : Advanced Protein Chemistry
MBIB082        : Applied Molecular Biology
MBIC080        : Research Project

MSc (MBIA090) and PhD (MBIA100) Qualification degree

Different criteria are used for the selection of suitable and qualified students for these degrees. MSc is a two year degree with dissertation and PhD offered for three years minimum with thesis.  Individual students select projects based on research interests supervised by the respective staff members within that field of expertise.