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Statistical Science Academic Programmes

Courses/modules offered for Undergraduate programmes

The following modules can be taken under the BSc programmes.

First year

MSTS011 (STT101M): Introduction to Statistics
MSTS012 (STT102M): Introduction to Statistical Inference

Second year

MSTA021 (STT201M): Theory of Distributions
MSTA022 (STT202M): Statistical Inference

Third year

MSTA031 (STT351M): Time Series Analysis
MSTB031 (STT391M): Applied Linear Regression
MSTB032 (STT342M): Multivariate Statistical Methods
MSTC032 (STT392M): Sampling Theory

Programmes offered for Postgraduate programmes
Postgraduate programmes currently offered, are BSc Honours, MSc and PhD.
The BSc Honours programme is a full-time programme with nine (9) compulsory modules, offered on a full-time basis. The modules are:

BSc Honours

MSTS080: Research Project in Statistics
MSTA081: Probability Theory
MSTB081: Sampling Theory
MSTC081: Biostatistics
MSTD081: Multivariate Analysis
MSTE081: Categorical Data Analysis
MSTA082: Statistical Inference
MSTB082: Nonparametric Statistical Inference
MSTC082: Stochastic Processes


MSTA090: Dissertation
A manuscript for publication is highly recommended


MSTA100: Thesis
A manuscript for publication is required