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Oral: a. Medunsa Accademic Day (1999). b. Frank Warren Organic Chemistry  Conference, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa (2003)- Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of 4-amino-2-arylquinolines and their derivatives.

Posters: a. The 7th Frank Warren Conference On Organic Chemistry, Warmbaths, South Africa (2000)- Regio- and stereoselective α-halogenation of  2-aryl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-methylsulfonyl-4-quinolones. b. The 7th IBN SINA International Conference on Pure and Applied Heterocyclic Chemistry, Alexandria, Egypt (2000)-Reactions of 2-aryl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-4-quonolones and their N-methylsulfonyl derivatives with iodine in methanol. c. Frank Warren Organic Chemistry  Conference, Rhodes  University, Grahamstown, South Africa (2003)- Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of 4-amino-2-arylquinolines and their derivatives.

Varian NMR Spectrometer Users’ Meeting –The Breakwater Lodge, University Of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa  (2001).

Varian NMR Spectrometer Users’ Meeting – University Of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa  (2002).


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S.S. Gololo, L.J. Shai, L.S. Sethoga, N. Agyei, K.E. Bassy and M.A. Mogale, “Isolation of a mixture of Phytosterol compounds from the n-hexane extract of Jatropha lagarinthoides (Sond) collected from Zebediela sub-region in Limpopo province, South Africa” 9, 3084-3087, 2106.

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Adebayo M. Shofolahan, Nana M. Agyei and Jonathan O. Okonkwo, “Preparation, characterisation and application of H3PO4 activated maize tassel for remediation of eutrophic phosphorus” Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 7, 2514-2518, 2016.

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Mambo Moyo, Jonathan O. Okonkwo and Nana M. Agyei, “Optimization of horseradish peroxidase immobilization on glassy carbon electrode based on maize tassel-multiwalled carbon nanotubes for sensitive copper (II) ion detection” International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 9, 1439-1453, 2014.

Mambo Moyo, Jonathan O. Okonkwo and Nana M. Agyei, “A novel hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on adsorption of horseradish peroxidase onto a nanobiomaterial composite modified glasy carbon electrode” Electroanalysis, 25, 1946-1954, 2013.

Mamabolo T, Nana M. Agyei, Beverly Summers, “Cosmetic and amino acid analysis of the effects of lye and no-lye relaxer treatment on adult black female South African hair” Journal of Cosmetic Science, 64, 4, 287-296, 2013.

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Selected Publications

Mudumbi, J.B.N., Ntwampe, S.K.O., Muganza, M., Okonkwo, J.O. and Rand, A.M. 2012. Concentrations of Perfluorinated Compounds in Sediment of Western Cape Rivers, South Africa. Carpathian journal of earth and environmental sciences 9(3):147-158· August 2014

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