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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Staff Members

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Chemistry Contact Details

Physical Address
Molotlegi Street
Sasol Natural Science Building
Department of Chemistry, 0204

Postal Address                                                          
P.O Box 235

Tel: (0)12 521 5699/4367
Fax: (0)12 521 5809
E-mail Address:

Administrative Staff

Mrs Moeletsi D
Secretary of the Department

Ms Mabe J
Senior Technical Officer
Bsc, BSc(Hons), (Unin)

Mrs Kgasi A
Technical Officer
National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

Mr Mashego M
Laboratory Technical Assistant

Academic Staff


Research Interests

Prof. Nana M. Agyei
Professor in Analytical Chemistry (Acting HOD)
BSc Honours (University of Science and Technology, Ghana)
UED (University of Venda, SA)
MSc (University of Hawai’i, USA)
PhD (University of Pretoria, SA)

My research interests currently lie generally in the field of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, mostly involving risk assessment and management. Recent projects have focussed on the development of local industrial by-products (e.g. coal fly ash) and agricultural waste materials (e.g. maize tassel) into low cost adsorbents for the removal of chemical pollutants (e.g. heavy metals and phosphates) from contaminated aqueous environments, and environmental monitoring.
Dr Sego M. Abel Debeila
Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
BSc, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD (Wits)

My research interest is in the structure and reactivity on solid surfaces and/or supported metal catalysts with particular reference to heterogeneous catalysis.  My principal aims are: (i) To gain a detailed understanding at a molecular level of the relationship between surface structure and molecular reactivity, (ii) To elucidate reaction mechanisms, and thus to develop new approaches to control the rates and selectivity of catalytic reactions, (iii) To invent new catalysts so as to explore new chemistry. Reactions are studied both for their intrinsic interests and potential technological importance.

Mr Matomokoane J. Mofokeng
Lecturer in InOrganic Chemistry
Bsc, BSc(Hons), MSc, (FortHare)
Preparation of Nitrito complexes for the purpose of nitration of aromatic compounds have not been drastically used in the past. With the development of new materials, new methods are necessary to achieve the nitration processes with less use of the nitrating agent. Preparation of anhydrous metal nitrito complexes are followed and used to achieve the nitration process. 

Preparation of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) is achieved using Gold supported on carbon. The recent discovery of carbon nanotubes encouraged the use of this new allotrope of carbon as both a catalyst and catalyst support for the hydrochlorination reactions of acetylene in the preparation of VCM.

Dr FM Muganza
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
BSc Hon. in Education (Institut Supérieur Pedagogique de Bukavu, Sud-Kivu, DRCongo)
BSc Hon. Chemistry (University of Cape Town)
MSc in Synthetic organic chemistry (University of Cape Town)
PhD in Synthetic organic chemistry (University of Cape Town)

My research interest lies in the field of medicinal chemistry, phytochemistry and environmental chemistry. Projects currently in progress are: 

  • Syntheses of quinolone derivatives

  • Synthesis of Schiff’s bases

  • Isolation of active compounds from medicinal plants

  • Metal complex synthesis

Mr Nkosinathi F. H. Makhubela
Natural Scientist, (PhD student),
BSc (Wits), BSc Hons. (Medunsa), Masters (Medunsa)

Synthetic Chemistry of Quinolines and Porphyrins

Mr Isaac Masilela
Natural Scientist (PhD Student),
BSc, BSc (Hons) (Medunsa), MSc (WSU)

Mrs Mogane M
Lecturer in Chemistry Foundation,
Bsc, BSc (Hons), MSc (Unisa)

Dr RB Maseko
Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Freddy Muganza
Senior Lecturer

Joe Mofokeng

Brenda Mosebo

Adebayo Shofolahan

Mr Lesibana Sethokga
Natural Scientist,
BSc (UL), BSc Hons. (UL)